​Thomas Haddy Stone Turning

​Fine Stone Turned Vessels 

Stone Vessels turned from various stones such as Alabaster, Talc, Soapstone and Brucite.

Each vessel is a unique piece of art, there are no two exactly the same because of variations in the stones.   Please see the Work for Sale page  for pieces that are currently for sale and Thomas's work is on display at Art Works Gallery in Grass Valley, CA.
  1. Toad Stool
    Toad Stool
  2. Drink Me
    Drink Me
    Tangerine, white & black Alabaster
  3. Be Nimble 2
    Be Nimble 2
    Talc and Alabasters
  4. Rootbeer Float
    Rootbeer Float
    Alabaster and Brucite
  5. The Acorn
    The Acorn
  6. King of Siam
    King of Siam
Thomas Haddy
You can view Thomas's work in person at Art Works Galley, 113 Main Street, Grass Valley, CA.
  He also shares his current work on Facebook and Instagram.
Please see the events page to see Art Shows where he will be showing his work.
Thomas is an emerging artist.  He has been turning stone for about 4 years and has been a featured artist in Art Works Gallery for one year now.